Living the Lifestyle! I'm slave. I've always been very fluid depending on the parameters of the relationship I am in. I've been happy in all types of relationships, and in all types of dynamics. I've presented at various events and also in the college arena. I'm honored and excited to be a part of this!!

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I'm jazalyn. I've been around for a LONG time (over 20 years now). I've got a BA in CJA & I worked for the DOD for many years. I've been involved in the Kink Community virtually my entire life.

I was born into a very 1950's type household. My Father will forever be the standard for my ideal of a Dominant man, and my mother will always be my most powerful influence in submission. It was a very happy home, and watching my mother's joy in her service (that word was NEVER used, but I saw it clearly once I understood the dynamic), was inspirational to me in so many ways. Years later, looking back on my parent's relationship, I can see the D/s construct. But, within it, I found love, joy, service, protection, safety, discipline and a million other things that relate to a solid D/s relationship. My mom wouldn't have understood the words if I used them.

As an adult, I learned more about the relationships that form in and around kink and found that I fit in there somewhere but wasn't clear as to where. I've explored many types of relationships within the kink arena. I've identified as a Heavy Bottom, a Service Top, a submissive, a slave, a FWB, and have been blessed by an incredible Vanilla relationship with my WonderHubby of almost 30 years. He knows everything I do, and has supported me through everything I've encountered on my path. Currently, I'm in a brand New relationship with a very experienced Master and we're still figuring out where that relationship is heading.

I've presented at Playground in Toronto, ON, CA. Dark Odyssey Fusion in MD, and at Widener University in SE PA on the topics of Parenting in Poly, Parenting in Kink, Polyamory, and Poly as the V Point in a MFM Relationship.

I'm happy to share what I've learned, and I thoroughly love learning from others. While I've lectured and presented at events and programs it's the beautiful souls I've been fortunate enough to meet that make it so wonderful. I'm honored to be part of this event! See ya then!!!

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